Introduction to C Language

C is a general-purpose programming language which was invented by Dennis Ritchie.

It was designed to implement UNIX operating system . In UNIX, both operating system and most of the programs are written in C.

It is also called system programming language because it is useful for writing system programs (interface between the hardware and user application) like compiler, device driver,vBIOS(Basic input/output system), linker, assembler etc.

C is a portable programming language

If you write a C code in your machine, it will run on any machine which supports C, without modifying a single line of code.

Because it is not tied to any hardware or system. We can say, it is a hardware independent language or platform independent language.

That is why c is called a portable language.

Modern languages which are driven from C language

Most of the modern languages are derived from C including C++, Java, PHP, Javascript, Python, Perl etc.

C is the basic foundation for many modern languages.

So, if we master in C, we can learn many modern programming languages easily.

Introduction to C language

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