break statement

Break statement is used to terminate the loop and resume the program execution from the next statement following the loop.

If we want to use break statement inside loop, we have to use it along with if statement.

It is also used to terminate the switch case execution.


Get integer input from user and print it continuously until the user gives a negative number.




int main()
    int num;

    while(1) //It is known as infinite loop since the condition always 1
        scanf("%d",&num);    //getting input from user

        if(num < 0)          // if num is less than zero
            break;           //terminate the loop

        printf("%d\n",num); //Printing the number  

    return 0;

If user gives a negative number, the loop will terminate and the statement next to loop will execute which is return 0.

Pictorial Explanation

break statement in c

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