Get string input from user and print it

Using %s format specifier in scanf, we can get string input from the user.


char name[20];


In scanf we didn’t give &name. Why?

Because string name itself base address of a string.

Pictorial Explanation

String name is a base address of string

So, no need to give & operator in scanf while getting string input.

%s in printf

If we give %s to print a string,

It will print every character of a string one by one until it encounters null character ‘\0’.

If it hits the null character, it will stop printing characters.

So, null character is very important in string. Otherwise, it will keep on print data which may show some sensitive data to attackers.

Sample Program



int main()
    char name[10];
    printf("Enter your name\n");
    //get string input. Note that We are not using &name here.   
    //print the name
    printf("Welcome %s\n",name);
    return 0;


Enter your name


Welcome Computer

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