String Manipulation

As we discussed earlier, string is a sequence of characters terminated by null character ‘\0’.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to play with the characters in the string.

Let’s take a sample string.


char word[6]=HELLO;

Pictorial Explanation

string example in c

String manipulation in C

We can access each character in the string using index value like array.

String index also starts with 0.

In general,

Nth character of the string can be accessed by using index N-1.

Because string index starts with 0 Not 1.


To access 1st character of word, we should use index 0.


To access 4th character of word, we should use index 3.



/* string manipulation */

int main()
    char word[6]="HELLO";

    printf("%s\n",word); //printing unchanged string

    word[4] = '*';        //changing word index 4 as '*'. 
    printf("%s\n",word);   //It will print "HELL*"

    word[1] = '#';         //changing word index 1 as '#'.
    printf("%s\n",word);   //It will print "H#LL*"

    return 0;

Pictorial Explanation

string manipulation in c

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