Degree of each vertex in the graph

Degree(vertex) = The number of edges incident to the vertex(node).

In other words, the number of relations a particular node makes with the other nodes in the graph.




In-degree of a vertex is the number of edges coming to the vertex.

In-degree of vertex 0 = 0

In-degree of vertex 1 = 1

In-degree of vertex 2 = 1

In-degree of vertex 3 = 3

In-degree of vertex 4 = 2


Out-degree of a vertex is the number edges which are coming out from the vertex.

Out-degree of vertex 0 = 3

Out-degree of vertex 1 = 2

Out-degree of vertex 2 = 1

Out-degree of vertex 3 = 1

Out-degree of vertex 4 = 0


Pendant Vertex

A vertex with degree one is called a pendant vertex.

Isolated Vertex

A vertex with degree zero is called an isolated vertex.

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